Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Valentine’s day is around the corner again. You have no clue about what to get your significant other and simply want to give him something different than the typical button down shirt and tie. Well lucky for you I have created a list of cool gifts for men.

1. A gift basket- Yes, I know! It seems a little weird but, the gift basket business is “in” right now and they even carry gift baskets for beer lovers. An example of this basket would be: 6 beers from different countries and all type of munchies to go with it. If your mate enjoys drinking beer this is the perfect gift for him. Price range can be anywhere from $30 and above. Champaign gift baskets are available for those of you that are thinking about a sexier, sophisticated night.

2. Jewelry- Women love it when men give them jewelry as a present but, it does not mean he would not enjoy it also.

3. Electronics – I do not know about your partner but my husband drools all over electronic items. The same way women drool over shoes.

4. Collection- Does your mate have a collection of any type. Buy him one of the missing pieces.

5. Cigars- Just make sure you give them to a guy that smokes or is at least is interested on trying them.

6. Bath & Body products for men- I am sure a man can also appreciate being pampered.

7. Video/computer games- Does he enjoy playing video games Games are no longer for kids only. So if he is into playing, surprise him!

8. Gift Card of his favorite store-If you have no clue of what to get him.

9. What he needs- If you can find something that he needs; buy it for him. What best present than a present that he will truly use.

10. Last but not least, sexy robes and underwear are always cool gifts for men in your life. For a more sexy/sophisticated look try velour and silky robes.

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