Bible Verses – The Real Source of Strength!

It is a fact that the Bible has always been and always will be the best source of strength for humans, at least in the cases of believers. There are a number of Bible verses that offer solace to those who are going through desolation and are down-in-the dumps emotionally. The ever reliable Psalms always comes to the rescue of anyone who does not know whom or where to turn to. Psalm 46:1 assures us of God being our refuge and a source of strength, a very present help in trouble. To those who are not very familiar with Bible verses on anxieties, which sadly is true of a vast majority of Christians, a parallel can be found in James Taylor’s “you’ve got a friend”. He says, “Call my name out loud; soon you’ll hear me knocking at your door”. Well, that is what precisely God says too. Only, you do not call out.

If you are worried and troubled look no further than Christ and God. One of the disciples of Jesus Christ, Peter advises the Galatians and others in 5:7 to cast their worries on Him, because He always cares. These are not empty words that are uttered by a disciple of Jesus who anyone would expect to say something like this. If you are deep in your worries and are unable to find a way out, in deed cast your worries on him and see what happens. Be sincere in doing so though. There is nothing like half-hearted faith. Believe in him fully and without any reservations.

For, In Ephesians 6:10, Peter tells us to be strong in our belief in the Lord and that he is capable of saving us with his might”. Peter asks that you not only believe in His strength but be unwavering in your beliefs. There is not going to be an answer from God if you do not believe that God can and will help you. It is a sort of two-way street; only both start and end within you.

However, many people are under the impression that since God is aware of everything, it follows that He knows what exactly is happening to one and it is up to Him to provide one succor and strength. This is a wrong notion, perpetrated by a skewered logic. God clearly says in one of the most popular verses to ask and wait for an answer. So, make it a point to ask God for strength.

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